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Planet Rike Update

7/21/13 by Planet-Rike

Hello, I like to say sorry with all the set backs but in Winter it will come. I just need a drawing pad, a microphone redo lines and then animate! I will probably get the items in October or November. It will take a month or a little more to animate and do lines. I have a method that i could try. Let me know if you don`t or do like it; Do voices, animate the voices then do more voices then animate them. Each day, everybody will visit and do the lines and then i`ll animate with them or when i leave. If you have anything to say, LET ME KNOW!

Rike from The Planet Rike Team


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Intresting way of doing it.......

7/25/13 Planet-Rike responds:

i find it that too



That sounds good

7/25/13 Planet-Rike responds: