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2013-06-28 20:55:24 by Planet-Rike

I am very bad at animating......


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2013-06-28 23:09:08

go check out my first animations. i doubt it. ;)

Planet-Rike responds:

yeah we all start that way


2013-06-29 03:02:17

You don't get to making a lot of good animations without making a lot of bad ones. Learn from experience, that's the only real way to do it. :)

(Updated ) Planet-Rike responds:

yeah i guess i`ll keep practicing


2013-06-29 15:17:04

Being new at flash is fine. We all start there, right? With that being said, if you still have noobish stuff, there's no need to submit it and have people rail on you for it, y'know?

I'm still learning flash and practicing my drawing to get better, so that's why you don't see any submissions from me yet. Once I start submitting, the stuff will be pretty decent because I didn't submit any of the noobish stuff I've made.

Go to my most recent new post for tips and tutorials that might help; especially the tutorials. Learning takes a long time, but those tutorials are really extremely helpful. :)

Planet-Rike responds: